Eden: Discovery is a thrilling, multiplayer exfiltration shooter with a strong emphasis on survival, combat, and true digital ownership. The game features an immersive city with persistent digital property you can own and use to support your adventures in the wasteland. The wasteland is a massive apocalyptic environment where you fight to survive, find unique items and, hopefully, extract.

In an Exfil shooter (exfiltration first-person shooter), you equip your character with guns and gear after which you load into a playable map together with a number of other players. Your core objective is to find valuable items by looting, killing NPCs (non playable characters) or other players, and to find your exit before the time runs out. Exfiltration shooters are known for their thrilling experience as when you die, you lose all items you brought with you into the match, but, when you make it out, you get to keep everything you found.

The term metaverse means many different things to different people. At the core, the metaverse would be a virtual reality space where users interact in a computer-generated world, socialize, explore, and engage in various activities. It combines augmented reality, virtual reality, and the internet to create a seamless and limitless digital universe. It differentiates itself from a conventional game by offering more immersive experiences such as economies that feature persistent and non-fungible assets rather than fungible resources that are only loaded into an instance when requested by the player.

In short, Eden is one of the various projects that is carefully incorporating aspects of what the metaverse will eventually be. The most notable aspects of Eden in line with this philosophy are the presence of persistent real estate and non-fungible guns. The real estate in Eden is owned by the player and makes up the main playable social area. Rather than the real estate being a separately loaded instance or server that is regularly wiped, your Eden real estate is a definitive part of the main world.

As the metaverse industry evolves, Eden wishes to keep partaking in this trend by collaborating with other metaverses, integrating VR and AR where it makes sense and blurring the line between our digital and physical experience.

The minimum requirements for Eden are an Intel Core i7 11700 12th Gen / AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 32 GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti / AMD's Radeon RX 4700 XT graphics card.

The recommended specs for Eden are an Intel Core i7 12700 12th Gen / AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 32 GB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti / AMD's Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card.

Eden features a variety of digital items and assets. The main categories of items are Guns, Real estate and Utility items. Guns and Real estate items will be non-fungible and extractable from the game, meaning that you own the items independently of the central game servers. Utility items will only exist within the game as of V1.

Eden V1 will feature 6 different types of guns which can be customized and modified, offering up to 15 million unique combinations per weapon. Furthermore, Eden will feature three classes of Real Estate: pre-fabs (individual houses), housing blocks (blocks of 8 pre-fabs) and domes, which feature 62 pre-fab housing plots. The pre-fabs will offer a set of in-game utility in the areas of crafting, storage, survival and customization as of V1. The housing blocks and domes will offer a high degree of customization and economization as of V1.5. Furthermore, all dome owners will receive additional ownership over a pre-fab in the same dome, giving all dome owners access to a unique community of large landowners.


No, you can enjoy Eden without having a wallet. The only facet of Eden for which you currently need a blockchain wallet is owning land. However, future updates may erase this need completely.

The wallet for extracting the guns on-chain and obtaining the digital real estate is the XUMM wallet. An XRP Ledger-based mobile wallet. You can download this wallet only on the Android Store or the IOS store.

Eden uses a deposit and withdrawal system. Digital assets are either stored on the blockchain, or in the game, but never in both places at the same time.

XPUNKS is a digital collectible that utilizes the XRPL to be owned and traded. It is both a celebration of generative art, digital ownership and the evolution of gaming. The XPUNKS team has set out to build Eden with the vision to show the world how the gaming experience can be enhanced by embracing true digital ownership.

An XPUNK can be bought on either www.xpunks.club or www.onxrp.com and owners will receive continuous benefits in the various projects that the team undertakes, such as Eden. Regarding Eden, XPUNKS owners can expect rare item drops, access to special playable characters, early access to new features, and more.

The XPUNK collectible can be seen as a continuous battle-pass for the Eden project. XPUNKS owners can expect continuous benefits in Eden as the game progresses. To start, XPUNK owners will receive a one-of-a-kind in-game item to celebrate the launch which will never be issued again. XPUNK holders will also be happy to know that the XPUNK IP will also play a vital role within the Lore of the Eden game. As the game development progresses, we will slowly reveal more and more about the mysterious XPUNK character and introduce appropriate gameplay mechanics to be enjoyed by XPUNK holders as this lore unveils itself.

When Eden is released to the public, you will find a download button on the main website www.eden.game where you can freely download the game on any desktop PC that meets the required specifications.

Real-estate can be bought at https://nft.onxrp.com/launchpad/details/eden-properties/, guns can either be acquired by finding them in the wasteland or buying them on https://nft.onxrp.com/